VitaeMobility was founded in 2011 by General Manager Gunter De Pooter when two of his greatest passions met: a passion for beautiful cars and a passion for renewable energy. The day he drove a Tesla, he was sold!

We invest in real and sustainable solutions ...

Gunter has been working in the renewable energy sector since 1993, particularly for the development of cogeneration for greenhouse horticulture. Its aim was not only to reduce CO2 emissions, but also to increase and optimize the efficiency of available energy sources. According to Gunter: 

"If we say we are working on sustainability, then it has to be really sustainable, with real solutions."

We need to tell this to the world ...

The switch to the electric car took place in 2011 when Gunter made his first tests with a Tesla: "Electric cars with green electricity, economically sound and so pleasant to drive, it's amazing! We need to share this with everybody!" Gunter founded VitaeMobility, a company that not only promotes electric driving, but offers, from the point of view of the customer, a full service.

The one-stop shop for the electric driver ...

VitaeMobility's business is based on an integral approach in which the customer, the driver, is central. In the first place, we want to inform, enthuse and support the electric driver.

Test rides and events with electric cars

We organise test rides and events where we combine an informative part with the experience of electric driving

Charging station and charging card

Developing and offering charging services was a priority at an early stage. After all, charging solutions are a priority for VitaeMobility. Relieving the burden on the electric driver by providing the right solutions for charging at home and at work, as well as public charging services, is the essence of carefree electric driving. 

Renting or leasing an electric car

VitaeMobility also offers the possibility of renting electric cars for the short term or lease them for the longer term via Genius Lease.

VitaeMobility looks to the Future...

The core business of VitaeMobility is of course electric cars, but Gunter has also given itself the mission to think further and play a leading role in sustainable mobility. How can we green public transport? How can we work together at the European level? Can we use alternative sources of energy such as hydrogen, for example? "It's my passion and my professional challenge to put sustainable mobility at the international level on the agenda," says Gunter De Pooter.

The VitaeMobility team is already 100% electrically convinced! You too?

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