15 January 2021

5 reasons to buy a charging station!

Since the introduction of plug-in and electric vehicles this question is more and more often a topic of conversation. You don’t just buy a car and start driving. Being able to charge your car is an issue that needs to be resolved in a sustainable and sound manner.

So the question "Why buy a charging station?" deserves an answer.

Is it better to buy a charging station than to charge from a normal power outlet?

Manufacturers still give the impression that charging in a normal socket is the basis for electric driving. This is because you are usually supplied with a charging cable that fits into an ordinary power outlet. This is handy, of course, as you'll find normal sockets everywhere. Unfortunately, this is not good practice. And that also applies to charging from a three-phase CEE plug.

In terms of charging speed, durability, electrical safety and efficient charging, an ordinary socket outlet scores an overall low. Therefore, it is only a stopgap solution.

A charging station is really the way to go!

Buying a charging station brings you comfort

Driving electrically gives you the luxury of your own petrol station in your driveway. The guarantee that you have a 100% charged car every day is one of the biggest advantages of electric driving.

Of course, charging speed is important. By buying a charging station with the right capacity, you guarantee that your car can charge at the maximum speed. That's why a charging station that can deliver 22kW (32A 3-phase 400V) is a universal size that can handle any job. You can then charge up to 125 km per hour if your home connection and car's charging speed allow it.

Now, not every house has a 22kW connection. On the contrary, most houses have a less powerful connection. So when you buy a charging station, do you have to change your power connection? Fortunately, in the majority of cases, no. After all, you can easily achieve charging speeds of 25 to 40 km per hour on an average home connection. In one night, you can charge up to 200 to 300 km of driving range. Sufficient for the majority of car users.

It is sustainable to buy a charging station 

A normal socket is usually part of your electrical installation and this usually has a certain age. How well is that socket connected? Are you sure of a good electrical contection? Bad connections cause heat and create problems and even fire hazards.

A charging station is made and certified to supply power over a long period of time without overheating. This makes it possible to install a charging station that can supply 32A 3-phase current without any problems.

Buying a charging station allows you to grow with the various steps of electric driving. For example, when you decide to drive a plug-in hybrid, you can install a three-phase charging station on a single-phase mains connection. You can always change your grid connection later.

You get intelligent charging when you buy a charging station

With the charging of your electric car comes the worry: "are we going to do our housekeeping first and then charge the car or how are we planning this? Because if we both at the same time, the power might go out!" You don't want to have to think about that every day.

The right charging station provides dynamic control so you don't have to. Based on your total consumption, the charging station decides whether to pause charging and give priority to your household. Without you having to lose any sleep over it. Every moment your car can charge is used by the charging station. So your electric car can be charged optimally every day.

Do you have solar panels? Then the extra supply of solar power is easily used by your charging station to charge your car. Because the dynamic regulation can keep the charging current high for longer. And so you make maximum use of your self-generated electricity.

Buy a charging station and guarantee your electrical safety

With an electric car, you have a consumer in your home that can't be compared to anything else:

  • It takes several hours to charge and runs at a capacity that is usually a multiple of the consumption of other appliances in your home.
  • The battery is a special device in the house. A fault in it cannot be detected by your home's security systems. Worse still, a fault in the battery system means that your home's leakage protection will no longer work. As a result, you are no longer protected against a leakage current in your washing machine or other appliance.

Your charging station must therefore be able to detect a fault in the DC system so that the fault can be found at the source. Suitable charging stations have a 6mA DC detection to meet this requirement. Of course, all in accordance with the applicable regulations. This way, you can enjoy your home charging station to the fullest.

Buy a charging station and get connected

We live in an increasingly connected world. Things communicate with each other and exchange data. And when you charge with a charging station, you want to know what's happening. Simply plugging your car into the socket to charge is a thing of the past.

Being able to plan your charging times, set the charging current, monitor or report your charging sessions, operate the charging station from your phone or laptop and receive remote service are all functionalities that a connected charging station brings you.

Locally connected

If you only use the charging station for yourself, the connection does not have to be via a centrally managed platform. You can be locally connected. Without any subscription fees.

Centrally connected

If you also use the charging station as a charger for your company car, then the connectivity will also allow you to automatically calculate your charging costs. In this case your charging station is part of a centrally managed system and there are subscription costs.

Where do we get this wisdom?

We have 10 years of experience! As operators of public charging stations, installers of charging stations for your company and your home, we have all the know-how to advise and assist you in a professional manner.

With our services and products, we can offer you a suitable solution and installation.

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