Genius Lease, the smartest and cheapest way to drive Tesla Model 3

Drive a Tesla Model 3 with Genius Lease

VitaeMobility introduces Genius Lease, an innovative leasing formula that makes electric driving even easier and more carefree. If you still have doubts about the transition to the mobility of the future, this is the solution. Genius Lease combines an operational lease with a solution for charging at home and on the road, combined with the possibility of sharing your car and 'last mile' mobility via an e-step.

"Electric driving is now achievableCheaper and better!"

With Genius Lease you will become the ultimate ambassador of electric driving without any effort!

The new icon, Tesla Model 3, is Genius Lease’s choice

Genius Lease only uses the best electric cars. Because they are durable, they must be able to last for many years. And so the choice fell on Tesla Model 3.

"More than 350 km driving range!"

A car doesn't just become "Genius". It has to really excel in every field and be able to meet the user's expectations without any problems. Tesla Model 3 achieves this easily!

  • Thanks to the best battery technology, the car weighs little and the battery has a large capacity. All models have a driving range of 350 real kilometres or more.
  • It's a comfortable car with room for five. With a spacious trunk at the back and front, it's your comfortable travel companion.
  • The technology in the car is way ahead of its time. Even "Full Self Driving" will be possible soon.
  • With a very competitive price, Tesla Model 3 provides a lot of value for money.

Genius Lease, the cheapest way to drive Tesla Model 3

Sustainability is central to electric driving. First and foremost, of course, is the low energy consumption. You drive in total tranquility and with a flexibility you've never experienced before. And that with 75% less energy than a classic internal combustion engine. That's why the combination with renewable energy completes the picture.

"Driving green for less than 600 EUR per month?"

Genius Lease offers you that experience at the right price, all services included. This makes your daily transport an attainable and affordable option without worries. Prices start from 685 EUR per month (excl. VAT) and as a company car this results in a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of 585 EUR per month.

And it gets even cheaper. Share the driving experience of your Tesla Model 3 and pay less for your Genius Lease. Sharing with a group of selected users can save up to 25%. And you are an active ambassador of electric driving!

Genius Lease is driving your Tesla Model 3 carefree

With Genius Lease you drive carefree for a fixed monthly price. The price does not only include the use of the car. We make sure that the recharging of your car is fully taken care of. At home and on the road. So we install your home charging point and give you access to public charging on the go. Genius Lease even makes sure you can go the last mile of your journey with the e-step in your trunc.

In short, Genius Lease offers you a complete solution that makes electric driving easy.

" Everything arranged without worries "

In Genius Lease you get plenty of opportunity to actively promote electric driving while benefiting from it yourself. Help create new charging points and let others discover Tesla Model 3. Electric driving will only get cheaper.

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