Tesla CYBERTRUCK! e-Mobility next level or a gimmick?

On 21 November Tesla presented Cybertruck, a pick-up truck with a radical design, which immediately provoked a lot of mixed reactions.

"You love it or you hate it".

Immediately we got questions about what we thought of this and if this all makes sense. In this blog you can read our vision.

There are a number of clear reasons why Tesla CYBERTRUCK fits Tesla's goal. The main reason is the market segment of the pickup truck in the US. Last year about 1.500.000 were sold. A not inconsiderable market with potential. Elon Musk had already clearly indicated this in earlier talks. But there are other reasons why Tesla's entry into the pick-up truck market will not go unnoticed.

The Cybertruck design

The happiest person at Tesla must have been Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla's head designer. After all, how often do you get the chance to realise such a radical design for a production vehicle?

What is particularly striking is that for the first time there is a cross-pollination between SpaceX and Tesla. Cybertruck is made of stainless steel that will also be used in the SpaceX Starship. SpaceX is largely about material research and development. And why shouldn't the automotive industry benefit from that?

Building the car like an exoskeleton is completely innovative and the combination with the new materials makes it an armoured car! This also includes the 'Armor Glass'. However, that didn't go so well during the demonstration. The intention was more than clear, the 'Armor Glass' is something special.

The design gives Cybertruck something unique, high-tech and future-proof. Bold!

No doubts, this is a Tesla

Even though it’s a pickup truck, don’t forget that this is a Tesla. So all questions about the driving experience have already been answered.

Powertrain, battery technology, self-driving capabilities, the integrated systems and functionality, they have proven their capability, comfort, safety and soundness over the last 7 years in Model S, Model X and Model 3. You don’t need to teach Tesla anything on that front. After all, they are market leaders in this field.

What is special for Cybertruck is the announced price. It can directly compete with the petrol and diesel pickups. Add to that all the advantages of the electric car and you have a very strong product (literally).

A girl for all work

Cybertruck scores high when it comes to the application possibilities. We have rarely seen such a functional, no-nonsense design:

  • a large cargo box, called "the Vault", 2,830 litres in size with room for your quad ... ;
  • room for 6 people;
  • traction that you can expect from a "real" pick-up, up to 6.3 tons!
  • 220V outlets for your tools or to charge your quad;
  • a ramp that, in combination with the air suspension, ensures easy access to "the Vault";
  • an air compressor;
  • a solar panel to power your car;
  • camping facilities;
  • etcetera.

As far as we're concerned, it's a winner. On top of that, fast on asphalt and strong in rough terrain. From 2.9 sec to 100 km/h for the fastest version up to extremely high front and rear approach angles to achieve super performance off-road for any version. This has never been seen on a pickup truck. And the driving range is what you'd expect from a Tesla. 300 to 600 real km depending on the model.

Tesla for more people

The Tesla fanbase is well known and very loyal. With Tesla Model 3, and later on Model Y, the affordable Tesla will go to a large audience. With Cybertruck they tap into a whole new audience and for this reason alone this introduction has great value for the brand. It's a new way to profile itself and to make its entrance on the pickup truck market in a very special way.

The competitors will have seen that too. The bar has been set at the right height!

People who until today found Tesla out of their league or not fitting their needs might find in Cybertruck a new and innovative alternative.

4 days after the launch, 200,000 orders were already recorded.

Not bad for a car that evokes extreme reactions.

Our conclusion? We just placed an order!

Cybertruck will soon be part of our fleet of electric vehicles. So keep following us for more news!

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