19 November 2020

Wallbox chargers at VitaeMobility, a new partnership

From now on, VitaeMobility sells and installs Wallbox chargers and charging systems. As a certified partner and with 10 years of experience in electric driving, VitaeMobility offers performant and smart solutions for charging your plug-in car with Wallbox charging systems. A perfect match as both VitaeMobility and Wallbox believe in a sustainable future for our mobility. 

"With this partnership, we are continuing to build the future of electric driving."

With the Wallbox range of charging solutions, we highlight the benefits of the technological possibilities, the beautiful design and the ease of operation. The ideal choice for the charging point in your home. And also very affordable.

The Wallbox products are offered as complete solutions for your charging needs. With a VM Mobility Pack you buy the Wallbox charging system, its installation and commissioning so that you can get started with your Wallbox charging system without any worries. Discover some of these solutions in our webshop.

As a specialist in electric driving, VitaeMobility is the perfect partner for choosing the right type of Wallbox charging solution.

"VitaeMobility and Wallbox, thé partnership for reliable charging!”

Have a look at some of our installations here.

About Wallbox

Founded in 2015, they are a team of designers, engineers, computer scientists and programmers who design, produce and distribute innovative, smart charging solutions for plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles. "We don't want to be the biggest, we want to be the best" said Enric Asunción, CEO.

About VitaeMobility

Founded in 2011, VitaeMobility provides electric driving solutions in the form of leasing, rental, charging and total solutions. "Electric driving must become feasible for everyone!" says Gunter De Pooter, Executive Director.

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