11 December 2022

Why rent an electric car?

For more than 10 years VitaeMobility has been renting electric cars to its customers for various reasons. We are happy to tell you why in this blog post. 

And you will also find out how we put together our range of electric cars. 

Try and experience electric driving!

Why rent an electric car? 

There are several reasons for choosing to drive and rent an electric car from VitaeMobility for a short period of time. We list the main ones here. 

I want to discover electric driving

Even though electric driving is becoming more and more established, it is still a step into the unknown for many people. Renting an electric car is a good way to discover if electric driving is for you without having to buy an electric car yourself straight away. 

With a test drive, you often only have limited time to experience electric driving. A longer rental gives you the time to discover all aspects of electric driving. Moreover, at VitaeMobility you can test drive a nice range of electric cars and discover for yourself which car suits you best.

I want to travel in an electric car

More and more people are moving away from regular private car ownership. There are many alternatives available these days: (electric) bicycle or scooter, train, tram, bus, shared cars ... 

When you want to travel, these alternatives sometimes fall short. This is when renting an electric car offers a solution.

I want flexibility

Freedom of choice, no commitment to a long-term contract and the chance to drive different cars are advantages you get with VitaeMobility's short-term hire of electric cars. 

In the range of vehicles you will certainly find something to your liking!

I need a courtesy car

Delivery times for new electric cars are running high these days. If you can't do without a car in the meantime, renting an electric car can help you out.  


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Our choice of vehicles in the fleet 

VitaeMobility invariably chooses models that are a reference on the market. In doing so, we pay attention to:

  • the driving range,
  • the efficiency of the vehicle,
  • the capacity to charge quickly.

That way we are sure to send you out on the road with a top-notch car, offering you an optimal driving experience.

Top models within our fleet include:

  • Tesla Model 3, the car that allowed electric driving to break through in Europe and the rest of the world...,
  • Kia EV6, car of the year 2022, a remarkable newcomer to the market that has all the benefits of electric driving, and 
  • Tesla Model Y, the ideal family car and an absolute winner. No more compromises! 

Our range of available vehicules 

In our webshop you will find the full range of available cars, with the rental price per weekend, mid-week, week and month. Feel free to contact us if you would like to rent a car for a different duration.  

Complete service

When you rent a car from VitaeMobility, you benefit from a complete service so you can drive carefree: 

  • You rent the car with all services such as insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance and so on included in the price.  
  • You receive a charging card and our app to charge smoothly on the road.
  • When you pick up the vehicle, you will receive a personal introduction to the car and electric driving.  
  • We personally take care of your support: if you have a question, we are there for you.

Renting is the ideal way to switch to electric driving.

Do you have a question? Contact us!

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