The VM Charging Station in your fleet
(VM Mobility Pack Fleet)

As the manager of your company's fleet, the arrival of electric cars offers an additional challenge. Because your employee needs just that little bit more than a fuel card. VitaeMobility has developed a service especially for fleet managers with electric cars in their fleet: the VM Mobility Pack Fleet.

What's in the VM Mobility Pack Fleet?

The VM Mobility Pack Fleet offers the solution for fleet managers who want to include electric cars in their fleet:

  • The installation and use of the VM Charging Station at the employee's home and workplace,
  • The VM Charging Pass for charging on the go,
  • a central cost settlement for home charging at the VM Charging Station and
  • a central charging system for the use of the charging passes.

We go over these 4 facets below. Before we do, we would like to explain the concept of the "EV charging mix".

EV charging mix

When you drive an electric car, you will charge it in different places. On average, you do this about 50% of the time at home, during the night, so that you can leave in the morning with a full battery. In addition, an average of 25% is charged at work, and 10% at places you go in your spare time. And the last 15% takes place on the road. We call this the "EV charging mix".

This is interesting information for a fleet manager. After all, you have to take this into account when deciding which facilities you want to offer your employees, and how you want to manage them administratively as a fleet manager.

The components of the VM Mobility Pack Fleet

The VM Charging Point at the employee's home and/or at work

As indicated in the EV charging mix, roughly 50% of charging takes place at home, and another 25% at work. In order for this charging to be efficient, the installation of charging points is an absolute must. 

VitaeMobility specializes in the installation of charging points, both in private homes and in a company context (e.g. several charging points in an underground or above-ground car park). We know better than anyone which types of charging points we can propose for which occasion, and how they should be implemented in practice.

The VM Charging Card for charging on the go

From the EV charging mix we learn that 25% of the charging is done on the road, both in private time and during working hours. For this, the employee has to rely on public charging stations. Belgium now has more than 4.000, with an average of 12 electric cars per public charging point in Flanders.

Since you cannot pay at a public charging station with a payment card or cash, the employee will have to have a charging card that is recognised by the various charging networks. With the VM Charging Card from VitaeMobility you are certainly in the right place. This card is recognised by more than 95% of the charging networks. There is also a good network of charging points abroad.

Centralised cost accounting for home charging

When you decide to work with the VM Mobility Pack Fleet as a fleet manager, the VM Charging Points are connected centrally so that the home charging of employees can be monitored. 

VitaeMobility will reimburse the employee monthly for the electricity consumed for home charging.

As an employer, you will receive one invoice with a total overview of the home charging of all connected employees. 

VM Mobility Pack Fleet: a clear insight into the costs!

Centralised cost accounting for the use of charging cards

VitaeMobility also offers the option of central management for the use of the charging cards. As an employer, you have an overview of the costs of all charging cards on the VitaeMobility platform for public charging.

As an employer, you receive one invoice per month with an overview of the consumption.

Once again: a clear insight into the costs!

Do you want to know what added value these services can have within your fleet and what this can look like in practice? 

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