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VitaeMobility offers you the VM Charging Card, the solution for easy charging when you're on the go. Below you will find everything you need to know about the VM Charge Card and its use. And of course you can also request your VM Charging Card here.

Why a charging card?

When you drive an electric car, you will charge it in different places. On average, you do this about 50% of the time at home, during the night, so that you can leave in the morning with a full battery. In addition, an average of 25% is charged at work, and 10% at places you go in your spare time. And the last 15% takes place on the road. We call this the "EV charging mix".

The charging points where you charge the electric car in your free time (while you are exercising or shopping), and the charging points for on the road are generally publicly accessible. There are currently more than 4.000 of them in Belgium. These are both fast charging points and ultra-fast charging points managed by a dozen or so charging station operators.

Unlike petrol stations, most of these charging stations do not allow you to pay by bank card or cash but require a charging card. VitaeMobility's VM Charging Card is an interoperable charging card, which means that more than 95% of the charging networks in Belgium will recognise your charging card as a registered user and you can therefore charge your car there. VitaeMobility also has a wide range of charging points available abroad. 

The VM Charging Card guarantees your mobility on the go!

How do you quickly find a charging point nearby?

To easily find public charging points we offer you access to the Laadpaal App. You can link your charging card in the app. With charging stations from our own network you can then start charging from the app. For charging stations from another network, simply use the VM Charging Card.

You can find the app here:

It is interesting to know that in Flanders there are currently an average of 12 electric cars per public charging point. A good ratio! And new charging points are being added every day.

What does it cost to load? And how does it work?

  • As already mentioned, charging stations are not equipped with payment terminals. You have to prove to the charging station that you are a registered user by means of an activated charging card. The charging station recognizes your MG Charging Card and will therefore allow loading.
  • Charging your electric car will create a usage line with time, duration, amount of electricity and corresponding price at the charge point's administrator. The conditions for charging are determined by the specific network of the charging station and card. Charging prices are therefore not uniform across networks and may vary.
  • Because you use one and the same charging card for charging across the various networks, all costs are taken into account in one bill. Easy and clear!
  • At the end of each month, a statement of your consumption is drawn up and charged via direct debit. You can follow up on this in your online account.
  • VitaeMobility charges an monthly administrative fee of € 4,95 excl. VAT (€5,99 VAT included).  A transaction fee of €0.20 excl. VAT (€0.24 VAT included) will be charged per transaction.

How do you activate your VM Charging Card?

There are 2 ways of activating your VM Charging Card.

VM Mobility Pack

If you decide to purchase the VM Mobility Pack, the activation of your VM Charging Card will be triggered by your purchase of the VM Mobility Pack. This is a product in which we install your own personal charging point at your home so you can charge fast at home. 

VM Charging Card

Do you only need the VM Charging Card? Then you simply follow the steps below:

  • You fill out our request form completely and correctly. 
  • After having received your activation form, VitaeMobility starts the activation of your VM Charging Card.
  • We also create your online account so you can follow your charging sessions.
  • The activation of the charging card takes about 3 working days. After having created your online account, your charging card needs to be announced to the various charging networks, and this takes some time.

What if you have questions?

At VitaeMobility we have more than 9 years of specialised experience with 100% electric driving, and you can benefit from that knowledge. Do you have a question? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are glad to help you out!

Conditions for the use of the VM Charging Card

Use of the VM Charging Card is in accordance with the general terms and conditions in force to which you agree when activating it. You can consult the general terms and conditions HERE.

The charging card is ready for use after you have received the confirmation e-mail of the activation of your charging card. The monthly payments will be made by direct debit. We will send you a SEPA document confirming the order and your payment details.

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