Your VM Charging Station
(VM Mobility Pack)

The VM Mobility Pack makes sure you can drive your electric car carefree. The pack includes both a home and public charging solution 

The intelligent VM Charging Station at home


The powerfull and intelligent charging station at home ensures you can leave with a fully charged battery each morning.

The De interoperable VM Charging Card

If you drive more kilometres in one day, you can easily recharge at a public charging station with the VM Charging Card.

Our charging station and card are suitable for all types of electric cars.

The VM Mobility Pack has carefully been designed for privat persons, independent workers and small business that do not need central management of data and invoicing. Specifically for fleet we have developed the service VM Mobility Pack Fleet.

The intelligent VM Charging Station at your home

With our all-in approach, we think of every aspect when installing your charging station. We use innovative technology that ensures fast and safe daily charging of your electric vehicle. Smart regulation ensures maximum charging speed without the main fuse failing. What's more, you can effortlessly consult your consumption and operate your charger via your smartphone. 

What type of VM Mobility Pack suits you?

You can choose from two types of Mobility Pack. They both offer the maximum charging speed and time for your electric car without your charging point causing an overload. That’s why it is an intelligent charging point. Find out how this works.

Which type is suitable for you is determined on the basis of the electricity connection of your home:

  • Type 40 is suitable for single-phase installations
  • Type 100 is suitable for 3-phase installations

You determine which type you need depending on how your home is connected to the electricity grid. 

Do you want to know how your home is connected Then contact your network provider. 

Do you want more technical background information?

Do you want to know what this could look like in your home?

The VM Charging Card

When purchasing the VM Mobility Pack you also receive our interoperable charging cardYou can use this card in the majority of the Belgian networks: more than 95% of the Belgian public and publicly accessible charging stations are at your disposal. You can also make use of a wide range of charging points abroad. 

The settlement of the VM Charging Card is done with a monthly invoice of your charging costs. The corresponding online account gives you a good overview of your charging at all times. VM Mobility Pack automatically includes a VM Charging Card subscription for 3 years.


The price of the VM Mobility Pack 

The VM Mobility Pack offers you a fixed price for the home charging station (including standard installation) and for the activated charging card (for a 3-year period).  

VM Mobility PackPrice excl. VATPrice incl. VAT
Type 40€ 1.650,00€ 1.996,50
Type 100€ 1.890,00€ 2.286,90

VM Charging Card
  • For the first 3 years, the subscription is included in the price of the VM Mobility Pack and no monthly subscription fee is charged.
  • For each transaction, in addition to the loading costs, a transaction fee of € 0.02 per kWh excl. VAT (€ 0.024 incl. VAT) will be charged.

Ready to charge carefree?

Do you have any questions?

VitaeMobility has been a specialist in 100% electric driving for more than 9 years and you will benefit from this knowledge. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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