Your MG Charging Station
(MG Mobility Pack)

Thank you for your interest in the Mobility Pack for your MG ZS EV!

Discover the MG Mobility Pack

With the MG Mobility Pack you can drive carefree with your new MG ZS EV. After all, the pack provides both home charging and charging on the go. It consists of:

  • the intelligent home charging point and
  • the interoperable MG Charging card.

The powerful and intelligent home charging point ensures, among other things, that you can leave every morning fully charged with the full driving range of approx. 230 km. A smart control ensures a maximum charging speed of your MG ZS EV without the main fuse breaking. You can also easily consult your consumption and operate your charger via your smartphone.

The charging point is suitable for charging any type of electric car.

If you drive more kilometers in one day, you can easily charge at a public charging point. A short stop at a fast charging point gives you enough driving range to continue your journey carefree. So feel free to charge your car during a dinner or a visit to the shopping center.

With the MG Mobility Pack you have a fixed price for the home charging point, including the standard placement, and for an activated charge card for 3 years. 

You can choose from two types of MG Mobility Pack, namely 

  • the Pack 40 and 
  • the Pack 100, 

depending on the maximum charging capacity and your electrical home connection.

The intelligent home charging point

Our all-in approach takes every aspect into account when placing the charging point. The innovative technology ensures fast and safe charging of your MG ZS EV every day.

Which type of Mobility Pack is right for you?

You can choose from two types of Mobility Pack. They both offer the maximum charging speed and time for your MG ZS EV without your charging point causing an overload. That’s why it is an intelligent charging point. Find out how this works.

Which type is suitable for you is determined on the basis of the electricity connection of your home:

  • Type 40 is suitable for single-phase installations
  • Type 100 is suitable for 3-phase installations

You determine which type you need depending on how your home is connected to the electricity grid. 

Do you want to know how your home is connected?

Look here to discover the different possibilities!

The MG Charging Card

With the MG Mobility Pack also comes an interoperable charging card. This means that you can use your charge card in the majority of networks. In Belgium, you can charge your MG ZS EV at approximately 95% of the public and publicly accessible charging stations. A wide range of charging points is also available abroad. 

The MG Charging Card, the charging card to ensure your mobility!

The charging card allows you to pay your charging costs with a single, clear monthly statement. And the corresponding online account gives you a good overview of the different loading times. When purchasing the MG Mobility Pack, an MG Charging Card subscription for 3 years is automatically included.

Would you like to know why a charging card is interesting, how you can quickly find a charging station nearby or what it may cost?


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