18 January 2018



World first! Belgian develops the Michelin guide for electric driving.

In his 7-year experience as an electric driver, Gunter De Pooter, founder of VitaeMobility, states that "Electric driving without worry starts when you can count on charging points at your favorite places."  As a Belgian pioneer in the field of electric driving, Vitaemobility has a lot of experience over the past seven years. "Together with our trusted partners and developers we have joined forces to develop the best and most complete free travel guide for the electric riders."

The availability of charging points is essential when driving electrically. However, the biggest stumbling block of 'modern loading and comfort' is finding the right charging points in the right place for your profile. Instead of loading onto a dark abandoned parking lot, we launch a platform that brings you to the hotspots with cool and trendy locations. VMGuide.eu provides efficient and easy loading that fits seamlessly with your daily life.

The locations in our guide guarantee a premium service both for the car and for the driver. In this way VMGuide.eu becomes the travel guide 'made by EV drivers, for EV drivers' with everyone's preference / favorite. That is the guarantee that VMGuide.eu gives.

Gunter De Pooter:

"With VitaeMobility, in recent years I have put my knowledge and expertise into the realization of this unique application that gives electric drivers a handle in the jumble of charging stations. We are proud of the result achieved. This is the starting point for us, where we continue to develop and optimize VMGuide.eu together with the users in the future. "

The launch of VMGuide.eu is planned for April 2018. Starting tomorrow, the platform will be available in its beta version. In doing so, we actively involve drivers, companies and people who want to participate in the story. They can contact us via our website vitaemobility.com . 


About VMGuide.eu

Locations are made known to EV drivers via VMGuide.eu. One of the feature locations here is the restaurant TheBistronomy at the location of Living Tomorrow in Vilvoorde. Together with Kanaal Z Mastercooks we made this contribution.

Web address: http://www.vmguide.eu

Youtube link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5Ds-KH_P1Q

About VitaeMobility

VitaeMobility was founded in 2011 and has developed over the years as a company with the motto to make electric driving feasible. This is done through affordable services and products with a focus on lease, renting and sharing of vehicles and charging services, supported by event activities. The company has partners that allow for international growth in the future.

Gunter De Pooter is the founder of VitaeMobility and has been an avid EV driver for 7 years. Formed as an engineer for electromechanics and entrepreneur in the sustainable energy sector, he combines his knowledge with entrepreneurship. With VitaeMobility he works on a company that actually does something about a more sustainable environment.


Contact details

VitaeMobility bvba

Factory street 38 bus 8

B-2547 Ribbon

EI marcom@vitaemobility.eu

MI +32 473 94 98 27

Fabriekstraat 38 bus 8 2547 Lint

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