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VitaeMobility installs charging points for electric cars at your home, at your company, your business or store. There is a big difference between the installation of a private charging point for own use or a public charging point for visitors.


Electric driving is on the rise and the chances are that your company, business or store is getting more and more visitors on the floor of electric driving. By installing a charging point on your parking lot you not only offer an extra service to these drivers, but you will also become an ambassador for this new green economy.

VitaeMobility has developed a business model for public charging points whereby the owner of the charging point receives the income on the use of the charging station. The rate that the driver pays is 80 to 90% paid to the owner of the charging point. In this way the costs are compensated by the use of the charging infrastructure. In addition, your charging point is included in our VMGuide, making your company, business or store more interesting for all drivers of electric cars. This tool creates a win-win situation:

  • The electric driver finds a suitable location for his planned activity combined with a qualitative loading service.
  • The owner of the charging point has a real chance of extra business by offering the loading service.


For the installation of your private charging infrastructure there are a number of essential parameters that you have to take into account: vehicle type, capacity, charging speed, available electrical power, data connection and location. VitaeMobility comes on site to discuss all parameters and offers the most optimal solution at the lowest possible rate. VitaeMobility works with a carefully selected product range and takes care of the installation and installation of your charging point.

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