Charging your electric car?
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Request your VitaeMobility Charging Network Card today! 

With this charging card you control the large majority of the public charging points in Belgium & the Netherlands. 
You receive one monthly invoice with a detailed overview of all your transactions. 

Following rates are valid in the VitaeMobility charging network. 
When charging in other networks, the rates of the relevant networks apply.

Subscription fee (monthly, with direct debit): 6.00 EUR
Charging audience fee Starting price Price per hour Price per kWh
Load AC 0.00 EUR 1.25 EUR 0.33 EUR
DC charging EUR 3.25 0.00 EUR 0.33 EUR

All prices are including 21% VAT

When concluding a contract for a charging card you agree to the terms and conditions that you  here  to consult.

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