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Are you interested in electric driving? Congrats! You are ready for a new groundbreaking experience of 100% sustainable driving!

VitaeMobility offers the possibility to rent an electric car for short term (2 to 14 days) to experience the total experience of electric vehicles. Would you like to experience the silent sensation of the Tesla Model S85 Signature or the Tesla Roadster? Are you considering purchasing a Nissan Leaf, eSmart, BMWi3, Mercedes B class or a Renault Zoe, but would you like to thoroughly test this car first? Are you dreaming of an exclusive wedding procession with Teslas? That is also possible!

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You choose to drive green? Congrats! We would like to congratulate you on your excellent choice!

Via our Full Business Lease you drive electrically for a fixed price per month, without high investments, without worries. As a customer we provide an intelligent charging station at your home and you get access to the VitaeMobility charging network so you can fast charge at multiple locations.

The VitaeMobility lease formula includes:

  • Investment and financing
  • Omnium Insurance
  • repair and maintenance
  • All taxes

VitaeMobility has the following cars in Full Business Lease: Peugeot iOn, Nissan Leaf, BMWi3, Renault Kangoo Max ZE Tesla Model S and Opel Ampera. Are also eligible: Mercedes B class, Renault Zoe, eGolf and eUp.

Lease electric car? VitaeMobility is your checkpoint! Click here for a quote >>

Verhuur & Leasing:<br/>Van korte termijn verhuur tot full business leasing >>

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