21 juli 2018

Two iconic Tesla’s on their way to Nordkapp (N)

The #Chargetothecircle team unites electric driving and ocean awareness into one adventure. Taking EV’s from Bristol (UK) to Nordkapp (N) in an exiting road trip. Each stop on their trip is situated near the sea side where they explore the local situation.

Joining them on their trip are two Tesla’s, one Roadster 2.5 (2011) and one Model S Signature (2013), both cars of significance to the EV world. The Roadster showed to the world that the electric drive works and after 7 years of duty it still performs as in its early days. The Model S Signature has covered 6 times the earths periphery in nearly 5 years time. Both cars serve until today in giving people their first drive in an EV. And now the make their way to Nordkapp. It doesn’t get more iconic. 

Ocean conservation is a cause that needs action on local and global scale to create change. #Chargetothecircle gets the support of Project Aware (https://www.projectaware.org) for this reason.

The team which consists of EV-experts and enthusiasts, explorers and video producers. 

They turn #Chargetothecircle into a documentary creating a lasting memory.

VitaeMobility is to support them on this adventure!

Follow them on Twitter (#Chargetothecirle), Instagram (@bethlilyrace) and www.chargetothecircle.com

Fabriekstraat 38 bus 8 2547 Lint
T +32 3 500 00 84
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